A Low Carb Diet For Effective Weight Loss In Women

Getting that slim and perfect celebrity figure is something everyone craves for. Even though exercise is an essential part of the whole weight losing regime, it has to be balanced with an equally important diet plan. One has to make sure to stick to a proper nutrition diet chart in order to get that toned up look.

A low carbohydrate diet can really turn things around for you and take you closer to getting that dream body.

A low carbohydrate diet helps you reduce excess body fat and also keeps one healthy by minimizing the risk of diseases. Besides, such a diet is known to boost energy levels and prevents you from binging by reducing the food cravings. However, sticking to a low carb diet doesn’t mean that you compromise on the taste of the food. You may choose from many natural and unprocessed foods that are high in terms of nutritional value and appeal to your taste buds as well. When you are planning for such a low carbohydrate diet, then it’s important to know about the type of foods that you may include into your daily diet. Some top low carbohydrate diet plans or foods that are the most recommended for quick and consistent weight loss have been described here:

When it comes to meats, you can choose from beef, lamb, bacon, chicken or fishes like salmon and trout. However, avoid eating fried meats (like fried chicken or fried fish). Processed meats too may contain added sugars which have high carbohydrate content. Before buying canned or tinned meat, it’s always advisable to read the labels first which helps you know about the nutritional values and ingredients present in them.

Eggs are also known to be very low in calories and carbohydrates. They are the natural food products that are nutrient dense which means that they have a high proportion of nutrients to calories. Having them for breakfast gives you the perfect low carb start for the day.

Dairy products like cheese, cream, yogurt etc are some good dairy based food items that you may include in your recipes.

Fruits and vegetables: Vegetables low in carbohydrates are spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes etc while in fruits you may opt for apples, oranges, pears and strawberries. You can use a combination of these for making salads with a dash of olive oil which ensures that you get all different fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Other foods low in carbohydrate content are nuts like walnuts and almonds and even oils or fats such as olive oil, cod liver oil, coconut oil or even butter. You may use these oils as often as possible for cooking.

Moreover you may consult a dietician who may be able to give you the best advice on a low carb diet plan. You may also try and experiment with these foods and create unique recipes of your own which allows you to enjoy these delicacies while staying in shape.