How to Lower the Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost

How to Lower the Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost

The big advantage of getting a tankless water heater is that it’s much more effective, but many more are worried about the tankless water heater installation cost. The main issue is that when people see a price for a water heater, they won’t see the true cost.

Installing a water heater can be a daunting task for you and that’s something that you should not attempt to do without the proper training as you’ll be dealing with the gas. What you should do is contact as many people in the area, making sure that they are licensed and get a quote from them.

Reducing The Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost

While the prices can reach the several thousands (sometimes the installation is even more expensive than the price of the water heater, which is something that for us is absurd), it is indeed possible to reduce the cost.

If you already have a water heater and just need the installation, then there’s not too much else to do but to do but to contact as many plumbers (again, make sure that they’re licensed, you simply don’t want someone who isn’t messing around with that type of plumbing in your home) and try to reach for the best price. It can be quite costly, as getting charged at $100 is actually pretty common.

You can, however, get a nicer deal if you still don’t have a water heater and plan on getting one with installation. Several companies will get it done for a much cheaper price all together. Even in that case, though, make sure that you’re getting the model you want and make your own calculations on what they are charging you for the installation. In order to do it, simply get the model reference and head over to a major seller and get the price.

Why is the Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost so high?

Well, there are a couple of reasons for this. Besides the obvious ‘they want to make more money out of it’, it’s really the lack of competition from the brands that simply don’t do the installation themselves that make it a lot harder for the end user to get a good deal.

Besides, there’s some other issues related to it. A licensed individual will have extra cost related to insurance, the course itself and the materials that are needed and don’t come with the water heater itself.

As a side-story, some members of the website have been able to actually lower the price to half simply by letting each of the plumbers know of all the competition they had for the job. This obviously only works with some (and it also depends on how much work they currently have) but it’s still a good idea to exchange some ideas with them to let them know that you’re also seeking for other options.

Sometimes it may even be cheaper to get someone from other city and pay the transportation costs, so look out for some options in the near cities.

A little effort is all it takes to get a better tankless water heater installation cost.

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